Everything You Need to Know About Microblading

Everything You Need to Know About Microblading: Risks, Healing Process, Aftercare, Indications, Contraindications, and More!

General Information

What is microblading? Is microblading permanent makeup? Is it a tattoo?

Microblading is a refined technique where hyper-realistic hair strokes are created manually using a sterile pen and fine needles. Yes, microblading is a form of tattoo, a sophisticated form of permanent makeup.


How do I prepare for the procedure?

Feel free to come with your own makeup and pencils so I can understand your preferences. We will discuss the options together, and I will provide professional advice.

Is microblading painful?

The level of discomfort varies from person to person. Some experience slight tingling during the procedure. I use an efficient and lawful anaesthetic to enhance your comfort.

Risks and Aftercare

How does the healing process work?

After the procedure, you may experience local sensitivity, tingling, and redness. It's important to apply a healing ointment daily and avoid scratching the scabs for optimal results. Healing usually progresses smoothly.

Days 1-10 after the procedure:

The colour will be intense. Fine scabs usually disappear within 3-7 days, depending on your healing process. You can drive safely. Avoid water, shampoo, soap, or any other products on your eyebrows during this period. I provide detailed instructions. A touch-up session is included in the price and is scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microblading

Advantages of microblading:

  • No need for pencils anymore.
  • Natural hyper-realistic eyebrows.
  • Full eyebrows, drawn hair by hair.
  • Eyebrows are properly reshaped.
  • Ideal for people allergic to natural makeup.
  • Radiate effortlessly every day.
  • Asymmetry is slightly corrected.
  • Scars in the eyebrows are camouflaged.
  • Saves time.

Disadvantages of microblading:

  • The procedure can cause discomfort. I use an efficient anaesthetic to minimize this. Pain is personal and varies from person to person.
  • Refreshing the results is typically needed annually. This is normal as the colour fades due to your lifestyle, sun exposure, cleansing, showering, etc.
  • Improperly performed microblading can be challenging to remove.

What to Look Out For?

Choose an experienced expert who performs this technique daily. Check photos on the website and social media. Pay attention to the hygiene of the practice. A professional appearance and a good feeling about the expert are crucial.

Safety and Hygiene

When professionally done, the treatment is entirely safe. I use professional equipment, safe pigments, and lawful anaesthetics. All treatments are carried out in optimal hygienic conditions, following the standards set by the Department of Health.

Indications and Contraindications


  • Lack of eyebrows.
  • Asymmetry in the eyebrows.
  • Local or complete hair loss (alopecia).
  • Difficulty in drawing eyebrows or loss of patience.
  • Allergy to conventional makeup.
  • Facial or motor issues.


During the consultation, we will assess whether the treatment is suitable based on factors such as pregnancy, medication, skin conditions, and age (under 18 requires parental approval).


Infections can occur even under the best hygienic conditions. That's why I only use sterile needles and optimal hygiene. Please ensure that the professional has completed the mandatory hygiene course for your peace of mind.

Treatment and Aftercare

Duration of the procedure:

The treatment lasts approximately 2-3 hours, so please allocate enough time. You can drive home immediately after the treatment with no swollen eyes or discomfort.


There are no side effects after the treatment since no medication is given or taken. Typically, the results last about 1 year, depending on factors such as strict adherence to instructions, sun exposure, medication influences, and hormonal changes.

The colour appears dark after the treatment:

Immediately after the procedure, the colour may seem darker than expected, which is normal. Over the following weeks, the colour will gradually lighten until the desired result is achieved.

For further questions or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, you can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that a consultation is legally required before booking a treatment. We look forward to helping you shine with beautiful eyebrows!

Microfeathering eyebrows

Microfeathering: see the difference love the result

The fine trend microblading continues to... Microfeathering. Both a form of tattoo for natural eyebrows.

How does it work? What is Microfeathering?
No technical device is required for microfeathering. This specialism is done with a manual pen. Each specialism has its own technique. You can see the difference in the result 
As for Microfeathering you go for wild, less is more eyebrows.
When microblading is used, you get sophisticated eyebrows.

Both techniques achieve an enormous success because of the natural results.


Is wild, not sophisticated. The wild look suits especially for natural types. Usually these types wear little makeup. Hairs are drawn casually. With less structure than with microblading.

Microfeathering is also a refined shape tattoo. This is done with a manual pen. With sterile, ultrafine needles. The pen you operate manually, so without an electrical device. The needles are paper thin, so the tattood hairs in the eyebrows are very fine. Finer than when using a permanent makeup device, or a tattoo device.  Microfeathering  brings pigment under the skin with a kind of sliding, sweeping stroking motion. The movement feels like a feather technique.

Are you looking for natural eyebrows? No eye-catching eyebrows? And do you prefer absolutely to recognize yourself?
Don't you have eyebrows (anymore)? Do you suffer from alopecia? Hair loss in the eyebrows? Too much epilated? Or just wrongly epilated?
Such an uncomfortable situation: it kind of shook your confidence. You don't ok without eyebrows. They're too pale, too light. Or too few hairs? Recognizable?

What would it mean if you had eyebrows again? Beautiful, shaped, full eyebrows. Of course. You'll feel better right away. You're just glowing. A boost in your confidence. No more stress. You look proudly in the mirror again.

Are you considering microfeathering? Make an appointment without obligation. Together we'll look at the possibilities for you.

How do I proceed?

Beforehand, I draw your eyebrow in detail with a pencil. A custom style for every woman, man. Regardless of ethnic origin, age, or type of skin. Fine hair patterns for alopecia patients, result in beautiful eyebrows.
Every man or woman has his/her own style of eyebrow. I draw the eyebrow that suits you, respecting your personality.
For this I take into account:

-the expression your face

-the thickness and length of your eyebrows


-your personality

With this personal data I sculpt your eyebrows that suit your personality.

The direction of the hairs is important. We model the eyebrows.
For individual modelling of the eyebrow, a firm insight, knowledge, sense of artistic drawing, manipulation of the hand tool are essential.
I'm thoroughly analyzing the hairstyle of your eyebrows. Every eyebrow is different and the style is not always the same.

Feel free to contact me for a consultation, or send an email
t. +32 477 20 64 45

Price Microblading

Prices in microblading are not official in Belgium. Prices in Microblading your eyebrows may vary quite a lot. The professional decides her/his/her prices.

Microblading is a recent technique, an old technique 'renewed'. You can't compare the microblading technique with this one for permanent makeup, made with a device. The action with the hands, wrists and fingers is, as it were, a gymnastic. This fine technique requires a lot of intense exercise, often months, concentration. And.. attention to detail. The price for professional learning is quite high. Before you master microblading, it takes quite a long, often Months...

How do you distinguish real microblading from amateurism? From where the difference in prices? See the difference, love the result !

  • hairs are curved, no straight stripes
  • the drawn eyebrow has a clear structure
  • the eyebrow is drawn in advance. The shape suits your face and personality

Pay attention to the clear difference between pulling hairs micro blades and dashes, or drawing tram tracks. Curved hairs, microblading, is much more difficult than drawing straight stripes. Real microblading, the hyperrealistic hairs, distinguishes itself from the straight stripes. Do you see beautifully curved hairs in the eyebrows in the photos? Or do you see tram tracks, straight lines, stripes, chopped lines? This isn't microblading at all.

I myself have been a Microblading Phibrows artist since 2014. The training at Phi Academy is the top professional training for microblading par excellence. Here I learned microblading from Master Branko himself. Nowadays, he no longer teaches.

The following factors determine the prices of microblading:

  • the situation of your eyebrows: do your eyebrows still have hairs or do you suffer from alopecia. A lot or little (drawing) work?
  • the current shape of your eyebrow: have you epilated (too) much
  • your eyebrows do not have a shape due to genetic factors, or other
  • complexity of your skin: young or old skin, burnt skin, skin in less good conditions due to trauma, accident, burns, etc
  • the history of your eyebrows: do you want a correction of a microblading or permanent makeup (both shape and color)
  • your expert's experience: this is an important ingredient for the success of your microblading. Microblading takes years of experience and is not as simple as it seems
  • choice of pigment: a high quality pigment for microblading is essential
  • your lifestyle: showering, sauna, hammam, swimming, sun, tanning bed are factors that absolutely affect the shelf life of your result

Still, this

Primordial conditions for microblading: hygiene and infection prevention. Are you received in a suitable, hygienic room? Is the cabin or practice furnished according to the current hygiene standards? Do you feel safe when you walk into the practice? Or are you treated between dusty nail tables, in a poorly ventilated cabin, without proper daylight, etc? Does the trash bulge, do you see a needle container, is the toilet neat, is there carpet or washable tiles? After all, carpet is a hotbed of bacteria. Do you see disinfectants?

These practical matters seem likely to be normal to you. But in practice, these hygiene standards are not always common. So be sure to pay attention to this. If this is not ok, your result will be similar.

Someone who works 'low cost', offers low prices or roasts, can't be ok with the technical, hygienic, sanitary infrastructure. Microblading is a time-consuming activity. Microblading at low prices, there's a reason for that.

Consult an expert!

Ask your specialist, expert. Do you see a certificate? When does this date? From 15 years ago? Have you looked at photos on social media? Does she use a camera, are the needles sterile packed, is the retouch included in the price, etc? All these things, the list above, are necessary for success in microblading and are quite expensive investments.

Choosing reliability, experience, drawing, time, know-how, professionalism, .. for this you pay a price. Prices for microblading start from 550 €, touch-up included after 4 weeks.
I would like more information without obligation, or an appointment for an introduction

Press articles

- Microblading, interview for Het Laatste Nieuws, 12 August 2017

- Microblading, spontaneous mention of my practice by Marie Claire magazine, June 2017 'Thank you Marie-Claire!'

- The perfect eyebrows let you tattoo, educational article in het Nieuwsblad December 2016

Microblading eyebrows

Welcome to Microblading.be - where your radiant smile is our mission!

Tired of drawing your eyebrows every day? Feeling less confident with sparse or uneven brows? Worry not, because we have the perfect solution for you! At Microblading.be, we understand that beautifully shaped eyebrows can make all the difference in your appearance.

So, what exactly is microblading? It's a sophisticated technique where we manually mimic natural eyebrow hairs. Our carefully selected pigments meet the highest hygiene standards and EU regulations, allowing you to embark on your beauty journey with confidence.

At Microblading.be, it's all about you. During a personalized consultation, I attentively listen to your story and provide professional advice. Together, we discuss the perfect color, shape, and style that suit your face. Whether you're looking for a natural look or a bolder style, we have the expertise to bring your wishes to life.

What sets us apart? My passion for beauty and precision, backed by years of experience and continuous training with renowned international experts. My love for color and design is deeply rooted in my family history, and I consider my work a true artistic passion. Since 1998, I've helped women and men regain their confidence, and I can't wait to do the same for you.

Curious to learn more? Want to schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consultation? Feel free to get in touch. At Microblading.be, beautiful eyebrows are just a step away. Let's work together on your radiant new look!

Intensive classes in microblading natural eyebrows

Intensive classes in microblading for natural eyebrows

Learn this beautiful technique

Microblading is not easy. This complex technique looks easy, but demands a lot of excercise, patience, practice. You will learn how to design the perfect eyebrow, on paper, on latex. Then you'll apply the technique on a model.

Who can follow the classes?

Visagistes, beauty estheticians, tattoo artists, make up artists,etc.


Foreknowlege is not necessary. However an artistic background and experience in designing are an asset.

Supplementary information

Patience, time, effort, concentration are the most important ingredients to succeed. Practice makes perfect.
Individual 1 to 1. No group class.


You receive a manual, silione practice skin, blade pen, needles, pigments and a certificate.

Classes, beginners and master, will take place in Aalst (20 minutes from Brussels)
Geraardsbergsestraat 194 - 9300 Aalst
t. +32 477 20 64 45


Basic class microblading, 2 days, individual 1 to 1
Day 1
indications, contra-indications, complications
how to design a perfect eyebrow
practice on silicone skin

Day 2
questions and answers
practice on silicone skin
Practice on 1 model

Please feel free to contact me +32 477 20 64 45 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Microblading, the manual technique for natural eyebrows
Joëlle Senden, expert
Geraardsbergsestraat 194
B-9300 Aalst (20 min. from Brussels)
T. +32 (0) 477 20 64 45
free parking
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