Microblading Eyebrows

I'll make you shine again!

With a manual pen, sterile needles, I'll redraw your eyebrows with a sophisticated technique. Pigments of high quality carefully chosen. In optimal hygienic conditions. Depending on your needs, preferences, facial morphology, nationality, age, skin, I draw your eyebrows.

I'am specialized in microblading, microfeathering, permanent make-up, medical tattoo. My core business since 1998.
Every day I give women, men confidence again.

The relationship with my customers is very important. During the consultation, I'll listen to your story. I give my professional advice, the possibilities in color and style/shape that suit you. I focus on a level, service, professionalism that are second to none in the field of permanent cosmetics.

Why choose Joƫlle for your microblading?

  • daily experience since 1998
  • regularly follows classes only with top international specialists
  • she received an intensive 4-year training with a recognized plastic aesthetic surgeon
  • the interest in colour and design was given to her by her parents who valued beauty. Her Father expressed this in the profession of interior decorator and her Mother has a strong gift for aesthetics
  • she considers her profession to be an artistic passion
  • she contributed at the realization of the hygienic and deontological charter for permanent make-up practitioners in 2003. This is in the interest of both the customer and the professionals. The professionals work according to the rules of the art. The mandatory hygiene course, imposed by FPS Health, has drawn its inspiration from this code.