Microblading: for hyperrealistic eyebrows

Microblading is a refined technique of permanent make up: handmade eyebrows for a hyperrealistic result

Microblading, -blading is a fine technique in permanent make up: 'handmade eyebrows'. They look stunning. The ultra fine, sterile needles are placed on a handtool, a manual tool. This handtool you use manually, so without electricity. The needles are really ultra fine, so when designing eyebrows, the hair result is very fine hair. By microblading you introduce pigment under the skin with a sweeping motion, a stroking motion.
Yes! microblading is tatoo, and yes microblading is permanent make up. The movement feels like 'feathering' technique.

When I apply Microblading the eyebrows look wonderful, stunning, with very fine tattooed hair, thinner than 1 mm.
An adapted style in Microblading for each woman, man, is possible. Regardless the ethnic origin, the age, or skin type. 
When suffering from alopecia, total hairloss, you have the luxury of choosing your hair pattern. Fully new eyebrows can be created.
Because I microblade very frequently, daily, I did developped my own style of microblading. In addition and especially,  for each woman, man that has its own style of eyebrow.

Say RIP to your eyebrow pencil, brush, gel, eyebrow fixer, definer, primer..
I design, sculp the eyebrow that suits you!
The possibilities in microblading are extensively: hairsimulation on balding heads, on beards, hairsimulation on female heads, etc.

Mastering different styles of microblading: European, Asian, etc

In microblading, different styles in hairstroke patterns do exist. Such as the European, Asian style of microblading... and my own style.
The direction of the eyebrow hair gains importance. I model your eyebrows.
For an individual modelling of the eyebrow a solid understanding, know-how, and sense of artistic design, manupulation of the handtool, are essential ingredients for a beautiful shaped eyebrow.
I analyse the hairstyle of your eyebrows. Each eyebrow is different and that's why eyebrow styles can not be the same.

For this reason I do take into account the expression of your face, the thickness and length of your eyebrows. With these personal data I sculp your eyebrow matching your personality.
By applying frequently
microblading, on different types of eyebrows, skin types, ethnic origin... I developped my own style of microblading.

An adapted style for each woman, man, regardless the ethnic origin, age, skin type.
In addition, and especially each person, man or woman, has its own style of eyebrow.

I'll design, shape the eyebrow that suit you, where I respect your personnality!
You're most welcome for a consultation, in order for me to introduce you to the possibilities in microblading.
You can sent me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me t.+32 477 20 64 45
kind regards,
Joëlle Senden